About Me

Researching Offline Reinforcement Learning and its applications at Tinkoff.

Research Interests


  1. Showing Your Offline Reinforcement Learning Work: Online Evaluation Budget Matters
    (Spotlight) ICML, 2022
    NeurIPS, 2nd Offline Reinforcement Learning Workshop, 2021
    Vladislav Kurenkov, Sergey Kolesnikov

  2. Prompts and Pre-Trained Language Models for Offline Reinforcement Learning
    ICLR, Workshop on Generalizable Policy Learning in the Physical World, 2022
    ACL, Workshop on Learning with Natural Language Supervision, 2022
    Denis Tarasov, Vladislav Kurenkov, Sergey Kolesnikov

  3. Guiding Evolutionary Strategies by Differentiable Robot Simulators
    NeurIPS, 4th Robot Learning Workshop, 2021
    Vladislav Kurenkov, Bulat Maksudov
    [arXiv] [src]

  4. Task-Oriented Language Grounding for Language Input with Multiple Sub-Goals of Non-Linear Order
    EEML, 2020
    Vladislav Kurenkov, Bulat Maksudov, Adil Khan
    [arXiv] [src]

  5. Learning Stabilizing Control Policies for a Tensegrity Hopper with Augmented Random Search
    IEEE ICIEAM, 2020
    Vladislav Kurenkov, Hany Hamed, Sergei Savin
    [ieee] [arXiv] [src]

  6. [RU] Mathematical Modeling of Tensegrity Robots with Rigid Rods
    Computer Research and Modeling, 2020
    Sergei Savin, Lyudmila Vorochaeva, Vladislav Kurenkov
    [mathnet] [src]

Pet Projects


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